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What is this?

Where can I get this?


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"Sherlock, I literally was only gone for twenty minutes."

Week 24.1
I’m back <3Available as a sticker here!

ohhhhhhhhhhhmygod! halflock this is easily one of the most adorable ugh!


"Sherlock, I literally was only gone for twenty minutes."

Week 24.1

I’m back <3
Available as a sticker here!

ohhhhhhhhhhhmygod! halflock this is easily one of the most adorable ugh!

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They warned me and I listened but  THEN I DIDN’T HAHAHAHAHAhaha

yessss. bahahahaha

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The Levi people said they’d like to make me an outfit- a denim kilt, and a whole denim Nightcrawler blue thing for the [X-Men] premiere, and then they said “Wouldn’t it be great if you had a big black leather belt which had Nightcrawler studded on it?”
So we go to this leather shop in San Francisco and we’re buying the belts and there’s all these metal cock rings on the wall, millions of them. And I was like “How do you know how big a cockring is? Because you can’t tie it or anything, it’s just a metal thing.” And the guy at the shop heard me and went “Would you like to try one on, sir?” and I was like “oh….ok!” so he gets one down off the wall and goes “You look like a medium” and I’m like “Oh, fuck you.”
…so then the premiere comes, and then you know when you go to those things there’s endless television crews you’ve got to do little sound bytes for…and I’m wearing a kilt, so they say “So Alan, are you being a true Scotsman? What are you wearing under your kilt?” and after a while I couldn’t resist it any longer- “I’m wearing just a cockring.” and they’re like “No, really….” and I’m like “Yes, really.”
And then I got so brazen about it that by the end of the party, people didn’t believe me and I was like “Feel it!” So I would get people’s fingers, like the head of the studio and everything, and I would put their fingers so they could feel like, the metal at the top bit. Not near anything dangerous, just above the thing. And then eventually word got around and there was like, a line of people waiting to feel the metal of my cockring. So yeah, that’s my cockring story! [x]


*gasping for breath*

Oh my god

I almost didn’t read this, it’s so worth reading. You guys.

It’s stupid how much I love this guy.

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Ballet/punk/tattoolock with also undercut, cigarette and leather jacket so basically kill me dead

(some of the tattoos are taken/inspired by msaether's tattoolock design, others are mine)

Ohhhhhhman *drooool* that’s awesome!

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Source (Want more facts? Click HERE to follow)

These guys also go after rapists & pedophiles. One of the Anonymous “hacktivists” who leaked the evidence that led to the conviction of two rapists in the Steubenville High School rape case is actually facing more time behind bars than the rapists he exposed. (Source)

Wait, they actually do good? I had no idea.

That’s fucking amazing.

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Watched something else on netflix and it was like “hey, try this one” and saw it had Martin Freeman in it so I figured I’d give it a try.

This is so weird.



hanging out in a pub 🍻

Dooood, the brunette looks a weirdweirdweird amount like my younger sister! I’m going to have to show this to my sister, that’s weeeird.

Seriously, I even showed a couple other people and they tripped out.

Jennifer 1, 2 & 3


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Looking through an etsy shop I like and came across a really cute Bucky Barnes one… especially sure that trekkie8472 will love it.




Bobobie Tiny Elfkin for sale.
She’s the tan coloration. Some coloration on her in various places, my guess is that previous owner did a face up and then cleaned (most of) it up.
Comes with wig, dress&belt and yellowish eyes. Possibly her original padded bag too, if I can find it.
Shipped flat rate priority small box within the US.
“Ask” with questions or offers.
Posted 7-22-14

Still looking to sell her. (8-24-14)

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Male and female versions of a Bill Hicks shirt for the sims. He’s one of my favorite comedians (a couple jokes I dislike but in general…)

I accidentally made the guy’s shirt the tucked in one, but I like how it looks enough to keep it this way though.


Download for fellas. Download for chicks.

I decided this was “important” enough for me to re-post over here on my normal tumblr… simfeetunder is my sims tumblr (or simblr?) and I made and posted this Bill Hicks pair of shirts today because… it’s Bill Hicks.

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Ian McKellen ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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Cumbercupcakes: All BC Ice Bucket Challenge lol!!

Don’t forget to donate

That’s adorable! (and mighty quick!)

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I mean. Just. Adorable.

ohmygodthatthingisadorable O_O

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